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Marianella Antonetti Art

Marianella Antonetti Art

Marianella Antonetti ArtMarianella Antonetti ArtMarianella Antonetti Art

About Me

My Background


After a few years of free personal work and experimenting with various materials, I studied sculpture formal classes for two years. I keep studying and learning techniques, experimenting with different materials and setting new challenges every day.

My Media


I use many different materials, such as clay, plasticine, maché paper, resin, recycled carton, wood, aluminum, among others. I need to work with different media and materials to feel free in my artistic process. Now I am including acrylic, PVC and Dibond.

My Inspiration

I enjoy every moment in my life and assumed the challenges with my best. I love animals and my relationship with them are a source of inspiration.  I also feel the need to express, through my work, the different emotional stages, to create empathy with all the people and express my peaceful protest against all abuses of power in the world. So that's what my next artistic stage is about, without leaving aside my characteristic work.