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Artist Statement

My journey!

In a world where we are increasingly isolated from interpersonal contact and increasingly closed in our own universes, to show our feelings has become one of the firsts needs. The intention is to invite for an introspection; to express the feelings freely; to generate grateful thoughts associated with each one.

My artwork is based on the need to express emotions; and for me, the joy of life is one of the most important things. The body language and the movement of the silhouettes are the main characteristic to transmit feelings in my work. 

In this order, in my beginnings, my pieces "Resignation" and "Commotion" shows two of the stages of the mourning. As well as "St. Francis of Assisi" shows us humility and charity and unconditional love for animals.

The series of trapeze artists, talk about courage to achieve our goals, our fears, overcome them with practice and dedication.

 "Lullaby" represents the unmeasurable love, connection, the infinite tenderness and the need to protect our child. 

" Seduction" is the passion, the feminine knowledge and power framed in the sensuality, the rupture of taboos, the affaire, the conquest.

"Kanda" borns from the emotions that the work of the great painter Wassily Kandinsky generates in me. I am also Veterinarian doctor; so, my character “Kanda” with her pets “Khan” & “Wassil”; shows our day by day, expressing always her love for life, for animals, for nature and outdoor living, and the interconnection between.  It represents joy, freedom, color and geometry.  

"The Burden" is inspired by a book about the life and work of Claude Monet, in one of its stages. I felt the weight of sadness and loneliness, I perceived a nonsense of life in some of his paintings. 

But our emotions are not always of joy and gratitude ... In recent months, when the crisis in my country, Venezuela, is getting worse and emigration is now the daily news, my feelings about my own exile begin to create greater empathy; not only with my nation, but with all the people around the world who had to make the decision to leave their countries, their roots, family, friends, home and almost in all cases, the only luggage is a bag with important documents and a single change of clothes. I started reading about dictators, transmigrations, extermination, human rights violations by dictatorial regimes, repression and the common consequences for ordinary citizens. So my needs as an artist changed and I feel at this moment the need to show the world the causes and consequences of these aberrations, so that the world can feel compassion, mercy and help the refugees of all nations to have a better quality of life.

For sure, my work is a journey through the soul!! 

Marianella Antonetti

Updated on August 2018